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Welcome to our home page.

The goals of the Club are:

  •  Setting professional standards for dive centers in Phuket
  •  Being actively involved in coastal resources management and protection
  •  Co-operation with the authorities as a united group for volunteer services
  •  Promoting the business interest of Phuket’s diving community
  •  Promoting safety at sea for all tourists
  •  Promoting awareness and career development in Sport Diving for Thai  citizens
  •  It is at no time, intended that the Club starts a business of its own, in  whatsoever way
  •  Pursue the interest of members through dialogue with authorities and  interested parties

The Benefits:

  •  Legal representation
  •  Better communication within the Dive Industry
  •  United communication with government organizations
  •  A forum to protect the ecology of the environment
  •  Legal advice available on our website
  •  Free English Courses for your Thai staff
  •  Free Computer Courses for your office staff
  •  Free First Aid Courses for your staff and crew
  •  Member’s group rates for Hyperbaric services
  •  Member’s group rates for advertising